Nestled in the Eastern Himalayas between China and India, the small Buddhist Kingdom of Bhutan opened itself to the outside world only in 1960s. Hithertho, it had been largely mysterious even to its neighbours but abandoning its self-imposed policy of isolation had it grappling to find a precarious balance between modernization and the preservation of its culture and traditions.However, it does seem that Bhutan has found the perfect balance between the two and now though it is making tremendous developments in all sectors, it also manages to hold onto its unique identity that makes it unlike any other country in the world with a population of just over 0.7 million.

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  • Bhutan Druk Path Trekking -9 Days

    Bhutan Bhutan
    Along the old high-class route between Paro and Thimpu, "Himala Adventure Nepal", also known as "Druk Trail Walk", is an excellent short distance hike, perfect for those who are in Bhutan.
    9 Days
    12 Nights
  • Bhutan Jumolhari Trek – 12 Days

    Bhutan Bhutan
    The tour of Bhutan offers impressive monasteries, impressive architecture, ancient traditions and a great variety of flora and fauna, very friendly people and a culture of unique colors.
    12 Days
    11 Nights
  • Bhutan Laya Ghasa Trek –18 Days

    Bhutan Bhutan
    Laya Ghasa travels northwest of Paro and offers a wide range of walking conditions, from picturesque farmlands and subtropical forests to alpine pastures and mountain passes. This hiking trail has a combination of azaleas, willows, oaks, blue pines, golden birches, junipers, and other dense forests.
    18 Days
    17 Nights
  • Bhutan Mongar & Trashigang Tour- 16 Days

    Bhutan Bhutan
    The tourist hotel offers basic facilities with magnificent views and beautiful gardens. Monge is also the first city in the mountains that is on a hillside instead of a valley.
    16 Days
    15 Nights