Jungle Safari

Nepal not only offers spectacular mountain treks and raging rapids, but also offers a selection of virgin national parks for adventurous jungle adventures. Nepal has 14 national parks and wildlife sanctuaries, most of which have lush tropical jungles filled with wild animals and exotic birds. Then, you can take an elephant or drive a four-wheeled vehicle to observe the wildlife and its habitat where you can go canoeing or bird watching. Of course, you can enjoy the most memorable nature walks, village and cultural visits, bird watching tours and more. Nepal is home to flora and fauna. The national parks of Nepal have always preserved this incredible natural heritage.
You can see wildlife such as swamp deer, black deer, elk, blue cow, royal Bengal tiger, Mugger crocodile and wild Gharial buffalo, Asian and many other endangered animal species, birds and more. You will have plenty of time to walk through the jungle and see the beautiful Jungle landscape. In Nepal, you will find the ideal view of the landscape of the jungle, animals and birds, as well as the local indigenous people and their traditions, costumes and language.

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