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1-15 pax


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Max Altitude

1,400m (4,600ft)




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Bhutan Jumolhari Trek: Trip Overview

The Bhutanese classic trek begins around the Jumolhari from Paro, ending at Doden near Thimpu. We walked along the upper reaches of Pachu through scattered small villages and farmland, into a deep mountain valley, and further to the alpine pastures where yak herders graze their animals. This route passes through two high passages in Jangothang. The Jumolhari Mountains (7314 m) in Jangothang are spectacular.

Although this Jumolhari trek is hard, it is very popular. The highest point is 4115 M. In addition, Mt. Jumolhari and its adjoining mountains have left a deep impression on visitors, acknowledging that this is one of the most beautiful peaks. This round of Jumolhari hiking also offers a variety of Bhutanese landscapes and cultural flavors.

Chomalhari Trek, also known as Jumolhari Trek, this intimate wilderness trek offers a wide variety of hiking conditions, from remote farmland and blue pine forests to alpine pastures and breathtaking mountain views. This is the ideal adventure for nature lovers who are immersed in the Himalayan wilderness. It’s comfortable, low impact, absolutely unforgettable!

From the ruins of Drukkyal Dzong (Victorous Drukpas Fortress), below these beautiful peaks, you will hike through the centres full of wildlife. Sky-studded peaks, thunderous waterfalls, turquoise lakes and streams, Rolling Meadows, wildflowers, remote yak herder villages, and forests of rhododendrons, pines, junipers and firs are inspiring and challenging. Adventure provides the perfect background. You will get the most beautiful close-up view of Bhutan

Trip  highlights

  • City tour in Paro and Thimphu
  • Tsho Phu’s impressive Twin Lakes
  • The ruins of Drukgyal Dzing
  • Flora and fauna
  • Magnificent mountain views. Moraya
  • Bhutanese people and country life


  • Day 01 Arrival at Paro Airport (2,280m). Overnight at a hotel.
  • Day 02 – Sightseeing around Paro. Overnight at a hotel.
  • Day 03 – Drive from Paro to Shana (2,890m) – Distance: 15 kms – 5 hrs. Overnight at tented camps.
  • Day 04 – Trek to Thangthangka (3,575m) – Distance: 22 kms – 7 hrs. Overnight at tented camps.
  • Day 05 – Trek to Jangothang (4,044m) – Distance: 17 kms – 5 hrs. Overnight at tented camps.
  • Day 06 – Rest day in Jangothang. Overnight at tented camps.
  • Day 07 – Trek to Lingshi (4,010m) – Distance: 21 kms – 7 hrs. Overnight at tented camps.
  • Day 08 – Trekking to Shodu (4,080) – Distance: 22 kms – 8 hrs. Overnight at tented camps.
  • Day 09 – Trek to Barshong (3,720m) – Distance: 14 kms – 5 hrs. Overnight at tented camps.
  • Day 10 – Trek to Dodina then transport to Thimphu – Distance: 22 kms – 8 hrs. Overnight at a hotel.
  • Day 11 –Drive from Thimphu to Paro. Overnight at a hotel.
  • Day 12 –Transfer to international airport for your final departure.
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    1-15 pax
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    Private Car
  • Max Altitude
    1,400m (4,600ft)
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Day 1
Arrival at Paro airport (2,280 meters)
You can fly to Paro from Bangkok, New Delhi, Kathmandu, Dhaka and other flights. We recommend that you fly from Bangkok because Drucker Airlines offers daily flights from Bangkok - Paro - Bangkok, while Drucker Airlines does not operate daily flights in other segments. Our airport representative will meet you at the airport and take you to your hotel through a private tourist vehicle. After lunch, visit Paro Dzong and the National Museum. In the evening, you will walk through the main shopping area of Paro. Overnight at the hotel. (including lunch and dinner)
Day 2
Visit to Paro
Day trips and sightseeing tours to the Taktsang Monastery or the Tiger's Nest, the most spectacular convent, probably the most popular monastery in Bhutan and a symbol of the country. It is said that Guru Rinpoche came here behind a tigress and meditated in the monastery, hence the name. It takes approximately 5 hours to get to the monastery's viewpoint. Lunch will be served in the cafeteria and then a short walk. We will have a relaxing night and we will take a break before the next day of walking. Overnight at the hotel. (Includes breakfast, lunch and dinner)
Day 3
From Paro to Shana (2,890m) - Distance: 15km - 5 hours
Drive to Drukyel Dzong (north of Paro), where there is a passable road. The ruins of Drukgyel Dzong are behind Mount Chomolhari, to begin the wonderful view of our walk. Start on a dirt road, start on a dirt road, go through a wide, rich and cultivated valley, under the forested mountains, along the Paro Chu. Be careful with the sun, which can be very fierce at this height. The first small settlement found was Tsento Zampa, a traditional Bhutan farm with bright red peppers on the roof during the season. Farmers in this upper valley mainly sow red rice, potatoes and wheat. The trek continues on the east side of the river, gently through the living forest, with many brightly colored birds and butterflies. After 2.5 hours, arrives at the Great Army Camp in Gunitsawa. There is a school and some stores in the camp, and your walk permit will be checked at the camp entrance. After 20 minutes through the forest, you will suddenly see a large open space in the camp near Shana. Looking back from the camp, you can see a large snow peak, Jo Drakey. Spend the night in the camp. (Includes breakfast, lunch and dinner)
Day 4
Walking to Thangthangka (3,575 m) - Distance: 22 km - 7 hours
Today is a difficult day and there are many distances to cover. The height gain is also above the limit. The road after lunch is rough and there are many undulating stones. After the river upstream of the camp, we passed through the old site of the Shana Bridge, which was destroyed by a flood caused by the eruption of the glacial lake in the 1950s. The bridge used to be used by passengers from or to the Phari Tibet. The path climbs steadily inside the forest cover of oak, rhododendron, bamboo and ferns. After going through the small house, I arrived at Shing Karap. Not far from Shing Karap, we passed an intersection where another route leads to the easy step of prohibiting Tremo La and then to the city of Phari in Tibet. This used to be the old commercial route. The strong ascent and descent of the trail, followed by a bridge of 3,250 meters, across the east of the river is Thongo Zam, a possible place to have lunch. Walk to Thangthangka and continue through the forest of birches, firs, larches, maples and blue pines. After a short climb, we arrive at Seyende Zam, where there is a large stupa (stupa). When the weather is good we can see the mountains. Chomolhari goes north. It will take another 20-30 minutes until we reach our camp on the grass. Spend the night in the camp. (Includes breakfast, lunch and dinner)
Trekking to Jangothang, also known as Chomolhari Base Camp (4,044 m) - Distance: 17 km - 5 hours
After admiring Chomolhari and breakfast, the trail slowly leaves the forest line and gradually climbs up into a beautiful valley through Tegethang, a winter home for yak shepherds. Continue with us in Jomothang, Chomolhari Base Camp. The valley is wide and rises like Chomolhari. Jichu Drake dominates the nearby camp, which is the ruins of an ancient fortress. Spend the night in the camp. (Includes breakfast, lunch and dinner)
Day 6
Rest day in Jangothang
Take a day off at the Chomolhari camp to get used to the environment. There are some good hiking trips in the Chomolhari camp, and today it is very important to take a hiking trip. The best walking trails go east towards the twin lakes of Tsho Phu. From the lake you can enjoy breathtaking views of the Chomolhari and Jihu Drake mountains. Beware of a group of blue Himalayan sheep in this valley. Spend the night in the camp. (Includes breakfast, lunch and dinner)
Day 7
Walk to Lingshi (4,010m) - Distance: 21km - 7 hours
After breakfast, a steep trail begins to leave the valley and enter another path that leads to the final climb and step. It was a long climb and it took approximately 3-4 hours to reach the first strong wind and strong winds from this long trip, the "Paso de Drowsy" of Paso Nyelela (4,890 meters). From the Nyelela Pass you can see the hiking area from the Far East to the northeast, which we will cover in the coming days. Metric tons. Takap dominates the view to the north. Gangchen Ta "Hushan" is the main mountain to see the east. Less than 30 minutes is a flat and more subtle area, a good place to have lunch. We continue through a narrow canyon through a small river. The trail leads to the point of view, and you can see Lingshizong. Our campsite is next to the river. Spend the night in the camp. (Includes breakfast, lunch and dinner)
Trekking to Shodu (4,080) - Distance: 22 km - 8 hours
We have a long and difficult day to cross another beautiful pass and start early. We walked on a small stupa (stupa) through the forest of azaleas on the ridge above the camp. Below is No Chhu (Blue River). Climb up to 4,450 meters above sea level and cross the main river to the valley side. The last part of the climb is through an area with huge rocks and several backs. After 4-5 hours (after leaving the camp), we reached the top of the Yarlula pass (4,950 m) and saw the snow-capped mountains and the Basiningong peak around Lingshi. The drop joined Jaradinthang Chhu and became the Thimphu River. Along the river to the camp there are ten. Spend the night in the camp. (Includes breakfast, lunch and dinner)
Day 9
Trekking to Barshong (3,720m) - Distance: 14km - 5 hours
In the morning, we passed an abandoned military camp and followed the path through the limestone valley. In the past, monks used caves in the rock to meditate. Through the bridges of the main rivers, you can enjoy the beauty of the huge rocks and waterfalls. The trail gradually rises 130 meters to the ruins of Barshong Dzong. The park rangers recorded the first snow leopards and tigers that moved in the same area. You can choose to continue for 1.5 hours at a better campsite. Spend the night in the camp. (Includes breakfast, lunch and dinner)
Day 10
Walk to Dodina on foot, then to Thimphu - Distance: 22 km - 8 hours
A steep drop on the rocky path that ends at the Thimphu River. There were several ups and downs until Dolam Kencho 3,290 meters. The trail continues to be as high as 3,450 meters, descending into a stream and a few turns, and the vertical cliff descends to the last section of Dodina. Go through the bamboo forest and follow the raft path on the river until you finally find it again in Dodina, and our transport will wait to take you to Thimphu, the capital of Bhutan. Overnight at the hotel. (Includes breakfast, lunch and dinner)
Day 11
From Thimphu to Paro
Visits to the Thimphu Valley include the National Library, the Institute of Traditional Medicine, the School of Arts and Crafts, the Museum of Textile and Popular Heritage, the National Monument, the Zilukha Convent, the traditional paper mill, the Zilukha Convent, the Takin mini zoo, the artisan shopping center and local shops. Finally, visit Tashichho dzong, which includes most government offices and the King's Throne rooms. Departure to Paro at night. Overnight at the hotel. (Includes breakfast, lunch and dinner)
Day 12
Go to the international airport for the final departure
After breakfast, our airport representative will take you to Paro International Airport to take off from Bhutan. (breakfast included)

During your trek/tour what the things are included? Does the cost include full board meals and drinking water?  What is the ratio between trekker and porter? What safety back up on trek? Please kindly check the following inclusive and exclusive cost details of trip package:  
  • Airport picks up & drops by tourist vehicle
  • Air-conditioned private tourist vehicle.
  • English Speaking guide
  • All permits and entrance fees along with governmental taxes
  • Official expense
  • Hotel picks up & drops off by a tourist vehicle.
Not Included
  • Alcoholic drinks and cold drinks.
  • Items of a personal nature.
  • Tips for hostess and driver (Tipping is expected).
  • Travel insurance.
  • International airfare to and from Nepal
  • Nepal entry visa - you can obtain a visa easily upon your arrival at Tribhuvan International Airport in Kathmandu (A tourist visa with multiple entries for 15 days can be obtained by paying US $ 25 or equivalent foreign currency. Please bring 2 copies of passport size photos).
  • Any others expenses which are not mentioned on 'Price Includes' section.
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