Terms and Condition

Please read carefully the terms in the conditions of contract. In completing and submitting the Booking Form, you agree to be bound by these conditions which constitute the agreement between Himalayan Adventure Nepal and you. These conditions apply to the exclusion of any other terms or conditions unless they are set out in the Booking Form or are otherwise agreed to in writing by the parties. Previous dealings between the parties will not vary these conditions. No purported variation of these conditions will be effective unless in writing and signed by a person so authorized by Himalayan Adventure Nepal.


Note: There is 4% surcharge when you make the payment with a credit card.

Please follow the given process:

(2) Payment via Wire/Bank Transfer

Our Bank Details for wire Transfer:

Name of the Beneficiary: Himalayan Adventure Nepal Pvt. Ltd

Address of the Beneficiary:  Kyshermahal Marg, Thamel, Kathmandu, Nepal

Paying Bank: Himalayan Bank Ltd

Branch: Thamel

Bank Street Address: Karmachari Sanchaya Kosh Building, Tridevi Marg, Thamel, Kathmandu, Nepal

 Current /Account No.: 01907897670018

Account type: Foreign Currency (USD.)

Swift Code: HIMANPKA

(Bank service charges related to submitting a deposit are the responsibility of the client)

We must assure you that if there will be any delay or loss during the transfer process we will not liable. If we receive the less amount due to the use of mediator bank or any other reasons, you should pay the cost accordingly to cover the product cost.

  1. The Cancellation Policy:

We have made very simple way and easy way of the Cancellation. Moreover if you like select other trip from our package we can offer according to your payment.

  1. I) Cancellation made by clients

We only accept the cancellation which is fully authentic and should be in written form and acknowledged by the Company. Regarding the charge of the cancellation it will be determined according to the date of cancellation request, which is received, by the Company or its Agents.

If you leave the trip voluntarily No refunds will be made after the trip has begun. Refunds will be the decision of the company if you are involuntarily forced to leave a trip for any reason. 

  1. II) If the cancellation made by company

HAN reserves the full authentic right to cancel any trip you booked until Guaranteed to be run.

Normally if the condition will be beyond our control i.e. due to natural disasters, flight cancellation, and consequences of strikes, industrial action, wars, riots, sickness, quarantine, government intervention, weather conditions, or other untoward occurrences we will cancel the trip. In these cases we will refund the trip price. Sometime the guaranteed departure may be cancelled and at that time we will easily refund the trip deposit or we may give you an alternative trip having the same values.

Please note that  we will not liable if you make some change around guaranteed departure like airline, flight time tables or itineraries provided the departure and arrival dates, modification of itineraries, and hotel accommodation. You are fully responsible yourself due to the problems created by your personal changes.

  1. Special Health requirement and medication-our health is our wealth.

Our all tours are based on the level of fitness and it requires some health condition so please before make any booking trip you should check with your local GP regarding your health and fitness before you travel. If you have any existing medical condition and disability you should inform us before booking. This is your responsibility.

We are the local based service oriented company and we will try our best to meet Clients special requests including dietary.  As the medication and treatment will be varying from country to country we are not able and ready to meet your all the desires regarding health issues.

  1. Travel insurance –matter of protection

The valid and adequate travel insurance is the most essentials parts of any tour are for all travelers. These insurance will incorporate accidents, injury, illness and death medical expenses, including any related to pre-existing medical conditions, emergency repatriation (including helicopter rescue and air ambulance where applicable) and personal liability. HAN kindly request you to claim any compensation, which is tangible and acceptable; you must submit your proof of insurance.

  1. Change in the Itinerary, flights delay and natural disaster – degree of Responsibility

Mountain adventures are always unpredictable as the bad weather in the mountain creates the poor visibility and it may cause delay in domestic flights for your departure. In this situation you are responsible yourself for all additional expenses including food and accommodation costs.  If you wish to make an alternative arrangement such as Helicopter flight to avoid flight delays, all additional cost would be your responsibility.

You have the full authority to reschedule your trip or take an alternative trip of the same category and previous credit will be given to you and you will only pay the difference amount between old and new prices if the price increases for the rescheduled departure.

  1. Trip amendment: matter of the flexibility and responsibility

If you make the booking amendment request earlier round 15 days or more prior to your original trip departure, we will make the essentials amendment with a charge of US$100 per person. But if you try to make the change of your trip during your departure as you wish, the cost of amendment may be higher depending upon the company’s policy.

  1. Visa as well as passport requirement, the gate of trips.

You should have the authentic passport and the valid visa .You will have the at least 6 month validity in your passport. You will have on arrival Nepal visa in Nepal. For Tibet & Bhutan, we will have to make some necessary arrangements upon request. For India, you can obtain the visa from your own homeland.

Due to your incorrect visa documentation, if you will be rejected we will not be responsible for this. So if you will have any confusion regarding visa application procedure please kindly informs us.

  1. Injuries and Evacuation, matter of consciousness

As our package cost has not included any personal insurance we would not be liable for any injury/health conditions/emotional or other conditions faced by the client during the trip. So HAN has highly requested you to have the all sorts of the insurance before booking any trip.

  1. Unused or missed services

You will not have even the faint chance to discount or refund your money for unused or missed services. Under this condition the following things can be taken: The voluntary or involuntary termination/departure from tour, i.e. sickness, death of a family member etc, late arrival on the tour, or premature departure etc.

  1. Can you bring children?

Without any legal guardian and their perfect supervision the children below 14 is highly prohibited for trip.

  1. Responsible policy

HAN is very minutely responsible for the responsible tourism as we are investing our efforts for the benefit of local people, tourists, environment and the tourism industry at large. We expect that you will follow all our rules and regulation based on the responsible tourism policy as if you are highly conscious on it.

  1. The transmission of complaints

During trip you might have some problems and obstacles. We kindly request you to share your productive and reasonable complaints with tour leader or director of the company.

  1. Airfare

HAN has not included the any international or other airfare. After the booking completed you will be booked your tickets yourselves or can ask us for best price.

  1. Updating terms and condition

HAN has the full legal and authentic right to update and ameliorate these terms and conditions at anytime. We kindly request you to have update with any changes. You can observe the latest version of our program and product in our website. Please kindly visit our website.

Wishing your best time in Nepal, Come as friend go as family…..The land of Adventure and Hospitality