The Tihar Festival is one of the most auspicious festivals in Nepal and belongs to the Karthik Month. It was observed 15 days after the Dashain festival of another important Hindu festival after the eclipse. Celebrate this festival is to commemorate the death of ‘Yama’ and worship wealth. This festival, also known as Dewali or Deepawali, is the “festival of light”. People decorate their houses with colored lights and diyos. The Tihar Festival is generally celebrated for five days.

The Tihar Festival brings harmony and unity between people and animals.

The first day is called Kaag Tihar. ‘Kaag’, also known as the crow, is the messenger of death. He adores the crow putting his favorite food in front of him. People pray for this bird so that they can receive good news throughout the year.

The second day of the Tihar Festival is called Nepal Dog Festival, as Kukur Tihar. The dog is considered the agent of death ‘Yama’. In other words, dogs are the most loyal animals of all. He is the savior and the best friend of humanity. People respect the dog and think he is holy. They treat him with food and thank him for his excellent service for human welfare.

The third day of the Tihar Festival is called Laxmi Puja. Laxmi, known as the Goddess of Divine Fortune, was worshiped. The cow, considering becoming a replica of the goddess Laxmi, thinks it is sacred and admires it. People love things related to wealth. They lit the house with candles. On the day of the Tihar Festival, people gathered to play Deusi Bhailo. Deusi Bhailo is a traditional ritual of Carol. The teenagers meet to visit different houses.

Deusi Bhailo is one of the main attractions of the festival.

They sing and dance so that the atmosphere is pleasant. People give them money and other things. It is said that the more you give or donate, the more wealth you have. People put Rangoli at home. Rangoli is a photo made in flowers using different colors. It represents happiness and shows that the Tihar Festival has begun. People also play firecrackers in Tihar.

On the fourth day of the Tihar festival, people love cattle. This day is called Govardan Puja. This myth with Lord Krishna simply placed Govardan Parwat on his little finger to protect people from the floods. Deusi Bhailo continues and people are happy to spend the day. This day is also known as the “Mha Puja” of the Newar community. They worship God to protect themselves and the people around them.

The fifth day is the last day of the Tihar Festival. This day is called Bhaitika. Celebrate this day is to thank a brother who protects them forever. The sisters placed seven colored tikas on their foreheads and calendula flowers on their necks. Children bless their sisters with gifts and money. This day is a happy celebration. People play Deusi, eat delicious food and visit different places. The Tihar Festival is a joyous celebration that celebrates joy and prosperity. People exchange gifts and food with each other. The Tihar Festival connects people through customs and traditions.