Learn Basic Nepali Phrase and verbs:

Learning Nepali Language is not so easy but it is no German either. Even though, you may not learn the entire Nepali language, it is always helpful to learn the basic sentences or at least few words. Some of these easy Nepali words Phrase will help you connect with locals all around the Nepal, in an instant.

Namaste Hello
(Tapaiilai) Kasto Cha? How are you?
(Malai) Thik Cha I am fine
Khana khannu bhaiyo? Have you eaten? (used often as informal greeting)
Dhanybhad Thank you
Tapaiiko naam ke ho? What is your name?
Maaph garnuhos Excuse me/ pardon me/ sorry
Maile bhujhina I don’t understand
Maile bhujhe I understand
Pheri bhetaunla I hope we meet again
Ma / Hami I / We
Tapaii You
Yo / Tyo This / That


Useful Adjectives
Mahango / Sasto Expensive / Cheap
Ramro / Naramro Good / Bad
Sapha / Phohar Clean / Dirty
Thulo / Sano Big / Small
Sajilo / Gahro Easy / Hard
Thada / Najik Far / Close
Chito / Dhilo Fast / Slow
Tato / Cheeso Hot / Cold (for food)
Garmi / Jaado Hot / Cold (for weather)
Naya / Purano New / Old
Dhani / Garib Rich / Poor


Question Words
Kahile When
Kahaang Where Kun Which
Kati How much Kasari How
Kina / kinabhane Why / because Kasto How (of quality)
Kasko Whose
1 / ek
2 / dui
3 / tin
4 / char
5 / panchs
100 / ek saye 200 / dui saye 1000 ek hazar


Expressions of Time
Aaja / Today Hijo / Yesterday Bholi / Tomorrow Ghanta / Hour
Din / Day Haptaa / Week Mahina / Month Barsa / Year
Bihaana / Morning Diunso / Afternoon Beluka / Evening Raatri / Night
Subha raatri Good night
Kati bhajyo? What time is it? Ek bhajyo One o’ clock


General Conversation
Tapaiko naam k ho? What is your name?
Mero naam Anjeela ho. My name is Anjella .
Tapai kaha bata aaunu bhayako ho? Where are you from?
Ma Australia bata ayeko hu I am from Australia.
Tapaiko pariwar ma ko ko hunuhuncha? Who are there in your family?
Mero pariwar ma aama/buwa ani tin jan dai harru hunuhuncha. I have my parents, and three older brothers.
Tapaiiko bihe bhayo? Are you married?
Mero bihe bhaiyo / bhayeko chaina? I am married / not married.
Yo / tyo ke ho? What is this / that?
Tapailai bhetda khushi lagyo. Nice to meet you.

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